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Honey Child, Pop Yo Ish! Whipped Lip Scrub

Honey Child, Pop Yo Ish! Whipped Lip Scrub

Our yummy lip scrub is made with vegan wax, essential oil, flavoring oil, sugar, a little salt, honey or agave nectar blended in our homemade whipped butter blend! Topped with dried fruit or mixed in dried herbs (optional). This scrub will leave your lips exfoliated, smooth and shiny. And what’s so amazing, as soon as it touches your lips, it melts quickly and becomes easily pliable. Lip applicator included! Use within 6 months.

  • Storage/Care

    *Keep in a dry place with lid. Apply with included applicator. Rinse with warm water. Pat lips dry. May cause slippery surfaces. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Not intended for use as a facial scrub. For adult external use only. 

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