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Scentsy Fluffy Bath Soap

Scentsy Fluffy Bath Soap

Our soft, thick, fluffy soap stays exactly the same as the day it was made; it doesn’t deflate, it doesn’t harden; it stays whipped up, in position, and soft for grabbing. A little goes a long way, so grab a dab or dollop onto your hand with applicator (included), and rub onto skin, while activating with water. Enjoy a gentle exfoliation, followed by lots of bubbles and suds. Then out of nowhere, a beautiful, thick foam appears, along with a lovely scentsy lather. Your skin will feel wonderful, very clean, and exfoliated. *mica powder is chosen depending upon the fragrance.


Ingredients: purified water, vegetable glycerin, coco betaine (surfactant), vegan stearic acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (surfactant), Optiphen Plus (preservative), polysorbate 80 (emulsifer), essential oils, decorations (sugar, water, glucose syrup), non toxic glitter and non toxic shimmer mica powder, organic cane sugar or salt as an exfoliant.

  • Care/Storage

    Store in a cool, dry place with lid on to prevent dried out soap. It will still be useful, just a hardened texture. It's perfectly fine if a few drops of water gets into your jar while using it. One applicator is included for use. Dollop the soap onto your hand to avoid touching the applicator. It's fine if you desire to scoop it out without the applicator. Use product within 1 year.

PriceFrom $10.50
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